Ganador is the business that pays the mortgage, because this site is a labour of love.

Ganador means WINNER in Spanish – so you can see the interest in success and failure runs deep.

Ganador Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd is now based in Kiama (just south of Sydney), Australia.

We help the big guys help the little guys. That means we work in the supply chain (typically retail, publishing, entertainment, media etc) FOR the big guys, and we help them execute strategies that help them develop their business by building better relationships with their customers (advertisers, retailers, franchisees, venues etc) and to help skill those customers to execute win-win strategies.


Delivery Platform: We don’t offer every possible solution to every business challenge. Ours are focused on helping people acquire the knowledge and the practical skills that are required to EXECUTE strategies.

Ganador Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a specialist in the field of retail, marketing and management training and development.