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12 commandments for social media engagement (guru version)


  1. If you have to ask to be followed, then you are not much of a leader.
  2. If you have to be asked to be liked, you are not like-worthy.
  3. If you are re-tweeted, then it is not cool to re-tweet that under the guise of saying thank you when all you really want to do is re-tweet yourself.
  4. It is OK to tweet your blog posts – even a few times. Just don’t automate it ad nauseum.
  5. It is NOT cool to cross-update everything every time on every platform.
  6. It is really much better if you actually explore the links BEFORE your re-tweet them, otherwise it is obvious that you are just sucking up.
  7. If you can’t see the difference between Twitter and LinkedIn and Foursquare and you want everyone one to follow you and every platform imaginable, then you can’t really advise anyone else on the ‘strategic’ use of said platforms, right?
  8. It is not cool to NOT follow people back. You might want to act like a celebrity but you are probably not really one. (And claiming that you have talked to Kim Kardashian doesn’t count.)
  9. It is OK to ignore the bots and companies of no relevance just out there drumming up business.)
  10. It is proper to say thank you when your posts are picked up in a Paper.Li issue – but a bit ‘try-hard’ if is just a tweet being re-streamed.
  11. Just because there is no filter between your brain and your keyboard, does not mean there shouldn’t be one: if you wouldn’t say it face-to-face, then don’t say it.
  12. It is super-uncool to post/tweet about a trending topic and add nothing more than an opinion, especially when it is a topic you know nothing about – like someone who died or had an affair.


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