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Into the future

I follow the writings of a futurist, and he identified the following list of words as describing the trends we are facing.

Anxiety, Bifurcation, Contagion, Debt, Euro, Frugal, Greece, Hope, Inflation, Juvenoia, Kaput, Locavore, Marginal, Nostalgia, Ostalgia, Payoff, Quality, Regulation, Simplicity, Thrift, Unemployment, Volatile, Weisure, Xenophobia, Yearning, Zen mail.

I suppose one can study these words, some of them a bit wanky if you ask me, but are important indicators nevertheless.

Understanding and agreeing/disagreeing with these trends is one possible response.

But for me the more important and more interesting question is whether your business has a mechanism in place to:

  1. Monitor/ identify the trends (collect the info)
  2. Consider the possible trends
  3. Respond to the trends and evaluate your response

Some of these trends will continue – and may have an impact on how we do business. Other trends will fizzle away.

The actual trend is not that important. What is important is whether you are equipped to spot it – and deal with it.

So, how are you dealing with the future?


PS: Just back from my sojourn to NZ. I will now figure out how to best share the presentation & content with y’all. Stay tuned by subscribing to the newsletter for access – however that will be arranged.


PPS: And happy birthday to LAURAINE

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