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Unashamed self-promotion

Just back from a short break to New Zealand. (If you have never been, you haven’t lived…)

Not quite ready to start posting, but got a lovely email this morning:

I greatly appreciate your support and I hope to have your involvement in Retail 2012 (which conveniently will be in Sydney 24-26 Sept).

 There was some fantastic feedback regarding your presentation from delegates on the online survey and I have copied their comments for you below – congratulations.

  • Great
  • Awesome.
  • Good
  • Enthusiasm, very endearing
  • Clear and concise

I look forward to working with you again.



Whilst only 5 people specifically commented, and it is probably a biased sample, I thought that in the absence of anything worthwhile to say, I will just take that and share it 🙂 in an act of unashamed self-promotion.

But there is a ‘lesson’ in all of this. 



The presentation at Melbourne Retail Expo and Conference 2011 came about because someone found my blog, hooked up via twitter (and vice versa) and eventually ended up recommending me to the conference organisers.

From this conference further enquiries have already flowed, so it just goes to show the exponential power of using social media.



PS: Of course credit is due to Moonyeen for helping to make a good presentation great. And that is another lesson. Don’t be too proud to take advice and don’t think you know it all.



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