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Do you really, really know? Or just think so…

Do you also notice how people often say they know the difference between this and that, but they don’t really, really know? Then there is also a difference between knowing the difference and practising the difference.

Do you (a) know and (b) practise the difference, between:

  • Visual Merchandising vs. Interior Decorating
  • Profit vs. Cash Flow
  • Margin vs. Mark-Up
  • Talking vs. Communicating
  • Listening vs. Waiting for someone to stop talking
  • Customer Service vs. Customer Experience
  • Human Resources vs. People
  • Features vs. Benefits
  • System vs. Process
  • Training vs. Instruction

It may appear to be playing around with semantics, but as I wander through the corridors of retail business, I am astounded by the discrepancy between what people know and what they think they know. (Despite my vigilance, I am sure the same applies to me.)


I was wondering if you can add your favourite to the list above?

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