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The way out

If you own a tobacconist you’d worry about government regulation. If you run a pub or club you will be worried about anti-pokies segment and anti-smoking sentiment.

If you own a service station, you’d be worried about alternative energy. If you own a hamburger joint or a pizza shop you are worried about healthy eating habits.

If you own a bookshop, shoe shop, fashion store – or almost any other type of retail outlet, you’d be worried about the internet.

In fact, even small manufacturers probably don’t realise that 3D printing is going to send many of them broke quicksmart.

But there is a way out.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a wimp until he started lifting weights and Michael Dell was a dishwasher when he was working on selling his first PC. Bill Gates was a nerd programming software for traffic lights until he sold the first DOS license to IBM and Ray Kroc was a travelling salesman until he opened his second McDonalds.

Abraham Lincoln ran a general store before he eventually entered politics and John Travolta was a waiter until he cracked his first audition. Rod Stewart was a grave digger and Jerry Seinfeld sold light bulbs by phone. Author Stephen King was a janitor when he had the idea for his breakthrough novel Carrie.

Who you are today and what you are doing today has absolutely no relevance to who you may become.

And it is true: one store can readily become a chain just as easily as a chain can become one store. Being broke can be great training for being rich.

But these stories are not about dreams coming true.

In each and every case, the person actually DID something.  (Sold a PC, wrote a novel, auditioned – or whatever.)

And that, dear friend, has always been and will always be the difference between success and failure: the act of executing is how dreams are made real.

Your current problems could disappear overnight, or it may take a while longer.

But the only certainty is that nothing will happen if you don’t do something about it.

What are you going to do next?


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