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A simple research solution

In a previous post, a commenter wrote about how hard it is to solicit customer feedback. Here is a quick and dirty solution. It works well when asking one question at a time.

If you ran a pizza restaurant and you are thinking about changing the menu to add a new product and must choose between Ribs or Pasta or Sandwiches.

Simply put 3 or 4 jars on the counter – labelled according to the 3 options, with a bowl of beans (or whatever) that customers can drop in the jar. (Or one jar with differently coloured beans.)

A small sign behind the jars may read something like this:

We are thinking of expanding the menu.

Tell us which item you would like us to add by dropping a bean in the jar.

Empty the jars daily – because the psychological principle of ‘social proof’ may influence the outcome as people vote for the more popular item because it appears popular with other people.

A critical, ongoing requirement for success in business is that you are solving someone’s needs/ problems. If you insist on selling pizzas because you like pizzas or because you’ve always sold pizzas, you are set on the road to ruin –

and THIS is the bigger issue to be aware of

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