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Nothing much

It was that kind of day: bleached by a chilly wind. We felt that we had to be somewhere that was like nowhere. A place where few people walked. So we headed to the hills of Jamberoo mountain and went walkabout.

Once we could peak over the rim of the escarpment and saw this vista.

It was the kind of day that nothing happened. It was perfect.

The sou’westerly did a bit of housekeeping in the scrubby bush. Not much to see. Not much to hear. No sign of life other than a few blustery birds and some kangaroo poo.

Sometimes it is important to go where there is nothing. To make space for something later.

In the other world we are full of noise and dreams and ideas and activities.

The simplicity of a walk where nothing much happens, and nothing much to see or hear is just perfect.

We made some space for the busy week ahead. I think…

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