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Selling ain’t what it used to be

We are doing some background research on the notion of three-dimensional retailing – as opposed to eTailing – which is two dimensional.

As part of that process we are thinking about the difference between the OLD and the NEW approach to selling. Or maybe the distinction is between the COMMON and the RARE approach to selling? Of course this ‘new’ approach is the one we advocate and train. (Learn more here.)

  • The OLD way (arguably the wrong, but still most common way) is to train and encourage your staff to SELL.
  • The NEW way (and, IMHO, the correct way) is to train your staff to help the customer to buy.

Moonyeen came up with a list of 23 distinctions between the old and the new – each of which will take careful consideration in order to be applied operationally. The list below is NOT just wordplay and semantics. It takes a complete mind shift to adopt this approach – and I will prove it to you…





Authentic conversation















Talk to

Talk with


How do you think you will go at creating this switch? Or are you there already?

It is easy to skim over the list.

And it is easy to convince yourself that you already do it the ‘right’ way.

But, just for fun, watch/listen to this video of an angry customer complaining to a cinema for kicking her out of the theatre for texting during the movie.

What would you have done in your business?


IF want to know more about 3-D retailing, subscribe to our newsletter = the box on the right of the page. In the next few weeks we will issue a special bumper-edition with videos, links, resources and plenty of ideas. For free. And of course it will contain the full list of differences between the OLD and the NEW ways of selling.



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