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They said…

This post is not about the shameless self-promotion. It is about being proud to have made a difference.

Listed below are some of the comments from agents that attended the Retail Remedy makeover:

 “I thought it was outstanding. Ed and Jo have done an excellent job and are inspired to do more.  As Ed and Dennis said, News Ltd was the catalyst to freshen up a ‘tired’ Newsagency and should be congratulated. This whole concept can help ‘fix’ a lot of similar Newsagencies at not a great expense”.

 “As we are doing a makeover of one of our walls at the moment I found it inspiring and have picked up some great ideas from Eddie and Jo. I felt that it was like walking into a complete new shop. Once again thankyou to NWN and Dennis and his wife for a great worthwhile promotion”.

 “After seeing the shop on the first presentation I didn’t think it needed that much doing to it, but when we saw the completed makeover I can’t believe the difference it made”.

 “I thought the completion was good, but they should have focused more of the magazine stand at the front of the shop, I know that they plan to do that next, but I would have done it first as it is the first thing customers see.  The rest of the makeover was great”.

 “The whole idea of getting the newsagencies together with these workshops is a brilliant initiative of News Ltd, because when we get together we network & communicate and that’s where newsagents get their strengths from.  When Dennis said to just move things around in the shop as you notice it more when you do, is great advice and we should all do more of it.  I like the changes that Ainslie made and it has made a vast improvement on the look of the shop, I will be experimenting in my shop with my stock placement in the coming weeks.”

 “I thought it was a terrific improvement and you could really notice the changes, we will be taking a lot of the ideas shown to us and using them when we move into our new shop location next month”.

 “The changes are good, the before & after is very different, we are doing the survey and I am working with my senior staff to see where we can make improvements in our own shop.”

 “The whole shop looks brighter and there are noticeable improvements, the makeover overall looks great, it shows what a little money spent in the right areas can do”.

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