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Do you want to be the diva or choirgirl?


I heard an interesting story about a memorial service or tribute to Dame Joan Sutherland.

The story was told of her trying out for her school choir, and being rejected.

Don’t worry – this is not the story of how someone should persevere and be rewarded with eventual success.

What was interesting about the above incident was the reason the teachers ([presumably) gave for the rejecting – and I paraphrase:

Joan should not join the choir because her voice is too loud and it will drown out the other girls.

You can see where I am going with this.

She became a peerless success as an opera singer because her voice drowned out the other girls.

Now the question for you today is this:

Will your company be content to be the choir girl or will you be the diva?

If you are reading this, the answer is presumably ‘diva’ – and my advice would then be to start singing.

Because if you don’t sing your own praises, no one else is likely.


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