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Back in the swing

Just returned from holiday in Tasmania.


Everything was great. The food. The scenery. The people. (Coffee was the only disappointment.) But yet, somehow, there is a vague disappointment.

The thing is: I expect lush, green rolling hills and spectacular mountains. And it wasn’t that. It took me four days to find that.

Which makes you think about the dangers of over-promise and under-deliver.

But on the other hand: If you look for something long enough, you will find it…


Look forward to picking up the blogging again… lookout.



PS: A friend of mine has launched a new, free program  which is particularly suited to entrepreneurs and business owners. Check it out. He is a good guy.

If you are receiving this update, you probably have subscribed at my new website. (I built it myself.)

a) I would like to know what do you think, and

b) I am going to lose a few people transitioning to the news address, so if you can help spread the word, I will appreciate it.


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