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Too dumb for words

Folks, I need your help. I made some changes to our website(s) architecture/ hosting etc.

I am struggling to automatically migrate YOU my dear RSS reader & Email Subscriber without having to ask you the favour to manually renew your subscription.

I know this is selfish, but I have worked so hard to gain your regular readership, I would hate to lose it. Really would.

Do you think you could possibly head over here – and do what you did before:

  • click on the little orange button, or
  • drop your name in the email box for a blog subscription, AND
  • while you are at it, you can get our monthly Newsletter which is full of cool stuff and THIS MONTH we are launching something for the entrepreneur within you in associationwith another very smart colleague (top secret for now)

If you have dropped in for a casual visit, please do the same.

I have migrated all the posts over – and the new site has additional cool stuff and free downloads. To apologise and say thank you, I am going to offer everyone a cool gift as soon as I have everyone over there.

I AM going to pester you again, so you might as well give in now 😉

Seriously, I do appreciate that yo are willing to give me your attention (which in todays world is a valuable commodity): THANKS for doing this.


PS: Go now


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