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Never thought I’d say this, but…

It may be time to leave this blog.

I don’t mean stop, I just mean change over to another blog platform. I have been wanting to integrate my blog with my company website for a long time – all roads to Rome an all that – and I think I have discovered a solution.

I would like to ask you a favour: Can you check THIS out: – please? It is a DRAFT of my brand new website.

I love technology, so I tried a DIY job – which is amazing if you consider the fact that I know zero HTML or any kind of programming. Even more amazing is the cost. (I will share it with you if you are interested.)

As an extra incentive & reward, there is a NEW post there about Variable Pricing strategies that you can’t get anywhere else…

Thanks & looking forward to your feedback.

If it is positive, then I will change the domain name to


6 thoughts on “Never thought I’d say this, but…

  1. Hi Dennis and Moonyeen,

    I like it. A very clean and uncluttered look with no distractions and simple to navigate.

    Inspires me to “give it a go” myself.

    Ray Wilson


  2. To be honest, not sure it’s really that _much_ more improved. It’s good, but I can’t say I am blown away by it. Not really sure if I would necessarily make the jump if it were my site… Sorry.


  3. I also use

    Just a tip. You can keep posting automatically to the old site via a feedburner (or the like) for those that make the jump across.

    Agree it’s not that different, but get it up, because I know it’s easy to change the layout after that.

    (Probably a bit too much content on the first page.)


  4. Yeah – not much of a designer – aqnd it is a DIY job. ANd it is not too different from THIS site. But I am nbot sure you will say that if you see the current


  5. HI Ray

    Thanks for the feedback.
    What I like is that you don’t have to add widgets – it is in the architecture. (Everything but ecommerce.) And there is some stuff that you can’t see and that is that there ios a private client login area that only becomes visible if you login with a specific password. So I can have a dioff site for diff audiences…


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