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This baby is 3 and needs some attention

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Today is the third anniversary of this blog. Having graduated form the ‘terrible twos’ it is time to take stock.

I would like to ask you to please help me chart the course of the blog going forward:

I started this blog to become a repository for thought and insights – mostly principles and practices of retail (marketing) – and I always knew that would attract a relatively limited audience. I have never tried to go mainstream, but like every other blogger, I must admit that readership matters. (Although I have done this for me as much as for anything or anyone else.)

I have rarely promoted this blog except to the relatively closed circle of people (and automatic social media updates) who are already readers of my newsletter; most of who are existing clients or colleagues anyway.

There are over 410 posts – which equate to 2-3 posts per week. There must be some pretty useful tips. Some posts are better than other. Sometimes I will share fairly dry and technical stuff about retail, but other times I will mix it up with ‘thinkpieces’ or just share observations and ideas about marketing and entrepreneurship – and occasionally just life in general.

 I am happy to keep going, but are you?

There is a common belief that the internet users can be classified as follows:

  • 1% create
  • 9% participate
  • 90%  lurk

Today I am asking you to be at least be part of the 9% who participate. There are numerous ways you can help me:

  1. Please tell me in the comments what you like or dislike
  2. Email me
  3. Answer some of the POLL question (to the right)
  4. Or you could forward a link of your favourite post to someone
  5. If you are a casual/occasional reader, subscribe (email or RSS)

And finally, this anniversary post would not be complete if I did not thank a few people:

My business partner and wife (Moonyeen) who has supported me, indulged me and more than she needed to, contributed ideas for posts. Of course there is Gavin (servantofchaos) who has unwittingly played an important role in how I have evolved this blog.

And most importantly, and I really mean MOST, I would like to thank the subscribers – and that means YOU…(most likely); so THANK YOU FOR READING.

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2 thoughts on “This baby is 3 and needs some attention

  1. Well done Dennis. Keep going! There are some great posts. I’d love to read more specific case stories and elements from your consulting work (names changed of course). What was their challenge, what was your solution, how did they implement, what were the results? I’d be even more interested in stories where they didn’t get the desired results and analysing that also.


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