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What are you afraid of? Freedom?

What would you do if you were free to do anything you like?

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In the lives we live, we don’t always appreciate the things that are free precisely because they are free. Too many clichés to mention, but my favourite insight into this topic as Victor Frankl’s observation:

Everything can be taken from a man but … the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

In the current economic climate there is still the omnipresent fear of being let go. Retrenchments still happen every day. Just the memory of once working in an environment like that makes my heart tighten. I know people to whom it is happening and people it will happen to. Even if doesn’t happen, the constant apprehension makes one a lesser person and diminishes your life.

How can this be avoided?

Watch this short video (the lemonade movie) if you haven’t seen it yet.

As Victor Frankl said above, the one freedom we have is that we are free to choose our attitude towards this (any) set of circumstances. It is easier said than done – I know that. But coming from people who did it, trust me that it can be done.

I have just completed the last of series of workshops that I conducted with newsagents all over the state. I spoke about success (in a sector that is being ripped apart by changes that are mostly out of their control) and I gave them a clear path that would lead them to build their own future.

Out of every group there may be one or two who would respond proactively. Some of them have proudly shown me what they have done or are doing. And others just look at me and I can see the fear in their eyes.

There is no secret. There is no checklist. There are no 7 steps or 12 commandments of success.

The only thing that they can control and can do about going after a different future is the DECISION to do so.

Even then there are no guarantees, except this: I can guarantee you that there is nothing that will make you feel more alive than acting upon your own convictions.

So I ask again: What would you do if you were free to do anything you liked? Or more importantly, why are you NOT doing it? Because you are free to do so if you can let go of fear.


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