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Are you smoking business crack?

Our usual excuse for inaction is because we have demonstrable success. A good run is a good incentive not to change anything. And that is why and how businesses die.

I have written previously about the risks of business planning here. A real issue with business planning is that it is overly focussed on what the competition is doing. (Benchmarking is very often a self-limiting exercise that results in acceptance of the status quo rather than challenging us to bigger and better things.)

This does not mean I don’t believe in planning altogether. I just don’t believe in the way it is traditionally done (and of course the traditional structure and content.)

The end-result of the business plan (as practised today) is very often incrementalism – and is more addictive than CRACK. (As if I would know, but you get the drift…)

As soon as something works, we stop experimenting. As soon as we succeed, we start repeating that. In fact whatever it was that made us successful in the first place wasn’t what we actually DID to make us successful, but the act of seeking and developing and improving is the reason why we found a way of being successful.

Finding the way is not the cause of our success, but the searching for it was.


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