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Customer Service Mystery

On a mid-week evening somewhere in suburban a mystery shopper enters the restaurant. It is early, just after 6pm, and she is a little self -conscious being the only one in the room.

The owner seats her in a great spot, offers the menu – the usual drill. Upon his return to take the order, she declines a drink and opts for a meal only. He dismisses that option with a genuine and gentle refusal and suggests just a glass of wine.

It is difficult to describe, but the shopper reports that the feeling conveyed was NOT that he wanted to sell an extra drink, but that he had a real empathy for her ‘aloneness’ (not loneliness) and genuinely felt that a glass of wine would be a treat and  help with the overall experience.

As it happens he suggested a Sauvignon Blanc (the preferred white wine) and the wine turned out to be excellent.

The second restaurant (different brief) was an hour later. By the time she arrived, the place was already filling up because a local band was playing.

The owner (again) seated her at a small two-seater, right next to the stage and pulled up a chair that would have her facing towards the restaurant. She declined and opted to have her back to the restaurant. (Can you see why?)

He enquired if she was ‘alone tonight’ and when she answered affirmatively, he responded with a ‘oh, really’. One guy understood the art of hospitality and the other just ran a business.

The differences were subtle.

The impact was vastly different.

The foundations for the overall experience had been laid long before actual food had been served. How does this apply to you?

It reminded me of the (anonymous quote):

If you do what you love, you will never have to work again in your life.

I wonder how many retailers love what they are doing.

Check out this picture outside a newsagent in QLD to see an example of someone who definitely does not love what they are doing.

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