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Visual Merchandising: Using Colour (post 7 of 12)

  • Your brand plays an important role here in colour choice, but don’t stare yourself blind against the colours contained in your logo – these are not necessarily the right colours to sell merchandise.
  • Intense colour goes with seasonal merchandise or features.
  • Primary colour background usually indicates:

    • Seasonal Promotion
    • Fast Moving Goods Area
    • Walk-through Zone

  • Stores that sell basics should have a background of neutral colours – greys and tans.
  • Neutral colours are correct for stimulation of living situations such as furniture and homeware.
  • Customers spend longer in areas decorated with earth tones ranging from warm greys or burgundies
  • Background colours must not clash with merchandise colours – but may effectively contrast the merchandise.
  • Gloss paint conveys cheapness – matt paint conveys quality.
  • Get yourself a colour wheel and learn how to use it.

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