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What is worth it?

This post is directed at people who read the retailsmart feed (as opposed to visiting the site.)

For some reason, we’ve had a growth spurt (albeit off a small base ) which surprised me and for which I am grateful.

Everytime someone unsubscribes, it pains me to see it because I never got the opportunity to share enough and get to know you enough.

I read about 50 blogs in my Google Reader, which means I never actually visit the site, and I know what it is like.

So I have several favours to ask you:

  • If you are a blogger, drop me a line so that I can reciprocate by trying your blog.
  • If you stop liking this blog and unsubscribe, let me know why.
  • If you have just tried it or are a long-time reader, please let me know why you find it worth it and what I should continue doing. (And if you have to, also what I should stop doing.)

Ad above all, visit some time and drop a comment… because we are not chasing ‘followers’ – we just want to chat and share and get to know people.



3 thoughts on “What is worth it?

  1. Hi Dennis,

    Been reading since mid-2008. I read because it is:
    1) Relevant to the current business cycle
    2) Easy to digest
    3) Easy to distribute to my students

    Keep up the good work!


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