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Controversial Advertisement

This is extremely powerful and thought-provoking. By equating anti-fat with anti-gay (for instance) it stirs emotions that are not normally associated with the insidious act of discriminating against fat people.

I must say that I am generally not a fan of the vast majority of advertising that is aired on Australian TV, but this is a great, powerful execution of marketing communications.

I say it is a pity the ABC thought it too contentious to show.

Or maybe they were smart?

(See the discussion and credits to the agency-The Foundry at

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2 thoughts on “Controversial Advertisement

  1. While I know my comment will be controversial, and I am impressed with the ad for the ad’s sake, and I do not for one second believe any kind of prejudice or discrimination is acceptable at all…

    Being black, or gay or a jew are not major health issues. Can you really be pro-fat and pro-heart foundation for example at the same time?

    Isn’t it like being pro-smoking?


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