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Are you a judge?

In April 09 this video (click on the image) became a phenomenon on YouTube.

The lessons for all of us are OBVIOUS.

  1. Do you judge people when they walk into your store?
  2. Do you decide how well you will serve them based on their appearance?
  3. Do you make the decision to recruit someone after the second question? (Hello Virgin Airlines…)
  4. In fact, is the interview a realistic tool for (pre-)judging performance AT ALL?

If this brings a tear to your eye, then it is because we have silently admitted our guilt.

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4 thoughts on “Are you a judge?

  1. Points 1 & 2 are vaild, but as for 4, of course we judge people during an interview. How can you avoid it? It’s the reason that people are placed on probationary periods when they start work.


  2. I can *generally* tell whether I am going to hire someone as they walk into the room. I always hire for fit – training and experience I can give them, but they have to be the “right” person/personality.


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