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Progress – infinitesimal – but progress nonetheless

Good news dear reader:

Today we got admitted to the ALLTOP fraternity of Top Blogs. (Check out the new badge of honour to your right.) I have also assembled a bunch of great marketing blogs on Alltop too – just click on the ALLTOP link above.

And not too long ago, also started writing for Dynamic Business magazine – one of the leading business magazines in Australia.

This is on top of the Inside Retailing Blog that has been going for about a year now.

You would think with all that activity, SOMEONE must figured out that we do RETAILING, right?

As it happens, Google does not and can not. Because none of the above gets us onto the first 8 pages (and I did not bother searching any further.)

Our aim is to keep producing authentic content – whether Google thinks so or not… You found us didn’t you? And that will do for us.


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