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Pick.Learn. Do

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My son (Matthew) is a sporty kid. Being summer and being Australia, the sporting field must be cricket. The summer of 09 hasn’t been too kind when it comes to the big scores, and recently it was just a classic opportunity to impart a life lesson.

Eleven (11) may be considered young – but I thought he was old enough to understand. On this particular day it was a battle for survival. The previous week (day 1 of the match against this team) his side was short a few players (including Matt who was at the Athletics carnival.) They got rolled, and the opposition quickly put on a lead and declared, going for an outright win.

If you don’t follow cricket, all you need to know is this: On this Saturday the team had try and bat the whole day. Firstly to make up the deficit, and then to build a score that could be defended. We lost a wicket early and then Matt went in. He was asked, told and KNEW that they had to bat for a long time.

I know it sounds silly if you are not familiar with cricket, but the objective was to ‘no lose’ – the score was irrelevant. He just got a start and then started ‘slogging’ – and before long was caught out by a fine catch. (Normally at this age those catches don’t stick, so he was probably unlucky.) Out for single figures. Failure.

Anyway, to make a long story short – the team went on to post a reasonable score and had to defend only for about 90 minutes. The match had to finish at noon – and the opposition scored the winning run with a minute to spare.

If one batsman had stayed in for 2 more minutes – if only… And this was the lesson that I tried to impart.

Success in life – as it is in a junior cricket match – requires these 3 steps to be followed. Pick: Figure out what needs to be done. Figure out what you want to do. Decide in the one thing… Learn: Learn how to do it. If you know a little, learn more, if you know a lot, learn more. Learn how – that is the engine. Do: Then do it. Execute what you want do and execute in the right way – the way that you learned.

Simple: Pick – Learn-Do. PLD.

A few iterations and a few examples and he got it – I am glad to say. He learned – but time will tell whether he will do the ‘doing’ bit.


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