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Holiday Message 09


7 thoughts on “Holiday Message 09

  1. Hi Moonyeen,
    Hi Dennis,

    What a very nice video message. Thanks for including all the authors of the Age of Conversation 2 in your blog!

    Wishing you great holidays!
    “Follow your heart”… yes! : )




  2. Dear Luc & Jay
    a) I am honoured you popped around
    b) took the time to comment
    c) (bothered to) search & find Moonyeen’s name
    d) and (indirectly) remind me that I should have mentioned AOC authors specifically. I am sorry and Merry Christmas to y’all 🙂

    PS _ (c) above shows why you guys are successful already. the little things…


  3. Hey Guys,
    Merry Christmas to you both.
    Hope your break is fun, relaxing and safe.
    Thanks for everything you two have done for us in the business this year, it’s very much appreciated.
    All I need to do now – is find time to complete my assignments – which I will do.
    John Evans


  4. Hi Guys,
    Thanx for nice wishes.
    Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year from us to you and all your family:-)
    Take care!
    from Slovakia


  5. Hello Dennis and Moonyeen

    Thank you for your Christmas message. Next year I’d like to see Dennis wearing some colourful reindeer ears or maybe a little Elf suit.

    I hope you and your family have a happy, safe and healthy Christmas.



  6. H Dennis and Monyeen.

    I am so happy to see you doing so well! Yet another Safrican success story.

    Have a super Christmas and New Year.


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