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The retail sherpa

Mount Damavand in winter, Iran.

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A Retail Sherpa walks the path up a very steep mountain – and we are currently facing quite a few of those :-). To celebrate the arrival of December, I thought I’d lead you somewhere interesting – and share a few gifts along the way.

You (and your company) are part of the Web 2.0 landscape – even your absence is noted. If you would like to download an e-book that gives a fantastic intro, go to this site and download the e-book. It is easy to understand and may just set you on a different path. Most blog readers are probably quite tech-savvy, in which case you have something handy to forward a few colleagues.

I found another site listing 41 leadership principles. some old, some new – but most worth re-visiting again:

  • The function of a leader is to chart a course, not to seek approval.
  • A leader cannot chart a course without a moral compass.
  • Lead with your life.
  • Lead people, manage things.
  • You can’t push a string.
  • A leader focuses on motivating people, not manipulating them.
  • In order to be convincing, we must be convinced.
  • Commitments are far more important than committees.

Read the rest of the post here.

The December issue of the Ganador Newsletter (Read Think Learn Laugh) was published last night. You can get your free copy by subscribing here, or by emailing me dennis (at) It is short & sweet this month but worth reading.

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