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Being noticed

All of marketing really comes down to a very simple need: getting noticed as the first objective. After that follows persuasion. There are only so many, relatively simple ways in which you can get noticed. (This applies to you as an individual as well as to product and services as well.)

The real question is; are you prepared to pay the price for getting noticed? Because getting noticed means ‘putting yourself out there…’ and that is not always comfortable.

  1. Be wrong
  2. Be right
  3. Be opposite
  4. Be new
  5. Do something (most people don’t)
  6. Be courageous
  7. Be honest (most people aren’t)
  8. Make people feel stuff:

  • Surprise people
  • Scare people
  • Make people laugh

Your marketing challenge is to figure out your product can be ‘right’ or how it can make someone laugh etc. Now that is marketing made simple.


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