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What d’ya reckon?

This image from a shop window in Sydney. So far the opinions are divided about the suitability of the ‘theme’ or concept. This in the light of the recent debate about the ‘sexualisation  of children’ in Australia.

I reckon it works. Don’t know if it worked for the retailer?


2 thoughts on “What d’ya reckon?

  1. works how? I’m not dumb (i think) but i dont get how mannequins with their pants down sells.and yes – aimed at sexualising kids reminds me of the jeans shop that made the staff wear sexually provocative t shirts – there has to be a limit


  2. DebIt works (attracting attention) – doesn’t mean one has to like it or support it.My business partner is equally opposed to the concept… and I am not sure I would have done it if it were my shop.Thanks for commenting


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