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Why not?

A little pick-up truck (“Ute”) drove past me today. Name of the business: ‘Complex Solutions’. That would be kinda the opposite of what I want.

Why not: Simple Solutions

Sign at the coffee shop entrance in a busy mall. ‘Come and in and see our extensive menu.’ Extensive OR Expensive to the hurried eye perhaps?

Why not: See our BIG menu?

Countertop signage on the coffee shop tables in the mall walkway are placed at 900 angle to passing traffic.

Why not: Placed at 450 to (at least) give people a shot at seeing it.

The menu board in the coffee shop lists 5 options (flat white, latte, cappuccino etc) – all priced at $3.00. A lot of noise & clutter & space consumed for overwhelmed consumers.

Why not: Any Coffee – $3

In the window of a book store the new Wilbur Smith novel is offered at 69% discount. Seriously – and you can calculate that?

Why not: Save $20

Can you read this?

Of course you can’t read that. But that is what people do when they make menu boards, posters etc with 3cm letters – and expect customers to read it from 5 meters away.

Why not – indeed.

Retail is detail. As is success.


One thought on “Why not?

  1. yes, if we look things through customers’s eyes, a lot of things could be made much easier and far more simpler. Many times, I found the complexity is the first result of rush thoughts under tight time pressure without too much creative thinking. It is time to look at why we do what we do, why we do the way we do it.


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