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Success attitudes: chicken and egg

There are so many books, blogs, speakers and gurus that emphasise a few ‘mantras, millions of titles, the same old story:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Follow your hear and your passion and success will follow (i.e. don’t do if for the money)
  • Stay true to yourself/Stay true to your brand
  • Stay focussed/ Be disciplined
  • You must have a unique selling proposition/ a niche
  • Have a goal/ set your objectives (and write it down and read them every day)

Over the coming weeks I want to debunk some of these myths/ beliefs, but for today, all I want ask is whether all these people could possibly be right, or whether these observations are simply obvious and logical (very hard for the guru followers to argue with) and that we started to believe these things through sheer repetition, rather than because of any veracity.


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